Best Keeper Cost Method

I’ve heard of several different ways to determine the cost of keeper picks. I’d love to hear what others are trying and how that method is working for you. Seems like some people use the draft value from the previous year. Others use the next year’s value, or a value at a certain point in the previous year. What are your thoughts?

My preferred keeper settings:

**Keep 3 players at their draft round in the previous year minus 1.
A 14th round draft pick from last year can be kept for a 13th.
A 2nd round draft pick from last year can be kepts for a 1st.
A 1st round draft pick from last year cannon be kept (1 - 1 = 0).

**If a players is traded or waived and pickeup, the player can still be kept at their draft round in the previous year minus 1.

** Undrafted players can be kept for a 10th round pick. Those players can be added/waived any time throughout the year - the keeper cost remains the same.

** If you traded a draft pick and now want to keep a player in that round, a lower (-1) round draft pick can be exchanged.

  • Trade 2019 4th away during 2018 season.
  • Want to keep a player drafted in 2018 from the 5th round. Don’t have a 4th round pick to use.
  • Manager can keep the player in exchange for a 3rd round pick.

**No limit on number of years a player can be kept. The -1 round penalty per year is intended to reduce the chances that that a player is kept indefinitely.

I forgot the biggest win about this method. It’s easy!

Easy as a manager and easy as the commish. Any good platform will provide you with last years draft results. Every participant can determine the keeper value of any player. As a commish, not fielding “What round can this player be kept in?” questions every couple days is imperative.

Thanks for the response. I definitely like the simplicity of that method. Do you find that undrafted players that end up having explosive years cause problems by being able to be taken in the 10th round as a keeper, when really they may go much higher in the actual draft?

No, I don’t find that it causes a problem. It’s really not any different that if you drafted that explosive player in a later round.

Imagine drafting Mahomes in the the second to last round of your league before the 2018 season and keeping them for a 15th or 16th pick? It would be 4-5 years before you’re keeping that player for a 10th.

From my perspective the league is awarding those managerss who make good (or lucky) draft selections by allowing them to use the previous draft round. The league is penalizing the undrafted players more by giving them a 10th round starting place. The end result is neutral (or as much as possible).

I run an interesting Keeper league with a “prospect draft” included. Here’s what we have:

  • 1 Keeper (ANY ROSTERED PLAYER AT YEARS END) in exchange for next year’s 3rd RND Pick
  • 1 Rookie Keeper (Rookie rostered at end of the year that was also on the roster prior to trade deadline) in exchange for next season’s 6th RND pick. *This keeps guys from grabbing a ton of rookies at the end of the year just to have options come next season.
  • 1 Prospect: This is a player we draft in April prior to the NFL Draft. This player can be added/kept on the roster come our main draft in April if we choose, but we don’t have to. Here’s what those Prospects are worth:
    RND 1 of NFL Draft = RND 5 of our Fantasy Draft
    RND 2 of NFL Draft = RND 7 of our Fantasy Draft
    RND 3 of NFL Draft = RND 8 of our fantasy Draft
    RND 4 of NFL Draft = RND 9 of our Fantasy Draft
    RND 5 or Undrafted if NFL Draft = RND 15 of our Fantasy Draft

Last season I kept Antonio Brown (any player keeper) in exchange for my 3rd RND Pick and JuJu (rookie keeper) in exchange for my 6th Round pick. I then drafted Saquon in the April “Prospect” draft and obviously chose to keep him in replacement of my 5th RND fantasy pick.

I know this all may sound a bit confusing, but it’s really not once it’s introduced. Been doing this for years and everyone loves it. The “Prospect” Draft is great for a mid off-season get together. By placing these RNDs on the said keepers, there are a lot of decisions that need to be made come our draft in August.

Hope this helped.

Thanks for sharing. I’ve never heard of that keeper method before but it definitely sounds interesting! Thanks for the tips.