Best Keeper Value?

1/2 PPR 14 Team- 2 Keeper (QB,2WR,2RB,2Flex,TE,K,DST,5 Bench). Trying to determine optimal value, as a 14 team keeper really jacks up availability. Viable options below (ranked in order of appeal):

JuJu for a 13th Round (Obviously that One Stays:heart_eyes:)
Nick Chubb for an 8th Rounder
Tyler Boyd for a 16th Rounder
Baker Mayfield for a 16th Rounder

Common sense leans towards Chubb being the obvious value, as I draft 9th. With the projected keepers, I’m expecting to be in the Devonta Freeman range at pick 9 overall for RB. However, 5 of the top 7 WR are being kept, while only 4 of the top 15 RBs can be kept. Boyd presents the opportunity to be safe at WR and allows me to draft super RB heavy at the beginning. Mayfield allows me to get a solid QB for free and draft value in the middle of the draft. Am I overthinking this and Chubb is just that obvious? Comments welcome!

It’s Chubb for me but I do like Boyd

This is Chubb for me. Locking down a 18-20 touch RB long term is pretty valuable. Especially if there are not keeper limitations in terms of timing. Chubb is a probably a top 8-10 RB long term. And even though more WRs are being kept, the pool of talented WR is also more bountiful. Guys on same tier as Boyd that will likely be available: Lockett, Godwin, Moore, etc.

Gotta go with Chubb on this one. His value is much higher than Boyd or Baker. He’s a round 2 guy in redraft leagues and you’re getting him with the 8th. Good bargain. Starting the draft with JJSS and Chubb without using any of your top 7 picks is delightful.