Best kicker to stream?

I got BRYANT ON BYE so I need a Great STREAMING K for the week , I got Elliot vs ARZ is that good enough?

Good enough…it’s so hard to tell with kickers. You think you pick up a good one then you see Zuerline go off for 20 something points. It’s a crap shoot really.

Have to agree with the Zuerlein concept!!!

Also have Bryant and picked up Zuerlein for the bye week

I honestly like Robbie Gould this week as I also had Bryant on a bye. He’s kind of under the radar but dude is lights out as he has hit 36 kicks in a row or something and was 5/5 last week. I know SF offense is hard to trust but they are playing IND who’s D is atrocious so I expect it to be high scoring with a lot of field goals. I had the option of Gould or Tucker among others and I’m going with Robbie this week hoping he continues to perform. However Elliot has serious confidence right now, so he’s definitely a good choice. He was picked up before I could get him but he will also be a solid kicker this week

Well hell…so much for that huh??? WOW…this season is simply just NUTS!!! No other way to describe it.