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Best of a bad bunch?


Morning footclan,

I have a head Scratchers at the moment as I don’t know who to start over TY Hilton, Diggs, Baldwin or Parker in week 5. I have Jones from GB in my flex as I am starting Doug Martin (I have RB injuries and not too many options there either).

Who would you pick as my 2 WR or should I drop Jones and use 3 WR?

My other RB are Martin, DJ (can’t use obviously), Stewart and Kareem Hunt who is 1st name on my team sheet


Diggs and Baldwin. If Monty is out, I’d be fine playing Jones. If not, no thanks. Martin is a high upside, low floor option this week. I’m starting him extensively, but wish I had a safer option (one of those weeks where byes and injuries are killing me).


Yep, it’s a nut kicker indeed


I’d go Hilton, Diggs, Baldwin. Don’t use Jones in the flex, strong chance either or both Montgomery and Williams play.