Best offer for Antonio Brown...?

10T full ppr redraft league…I am the owner of Antonio Brown and hav been receiving a ton of offers for him…

  1. John Brown, Justin Tucker, and Bears D
  2. Hyde, Kupp, and Boyd
  3. Alshon Jeffrey and Sony Michel
  4. Tyreek Hill, Jared Cook, Matty Ice and Hines

Here’s the rest of my team…
Dalton, luck, Alex Smith, burton, ajayi, Dalvin Cook, latavius Murray, Ekeler, Henry, Landry, manny sanders, Enunwa, Godwin, prater, Rams D

You could use some help at RB…
Out of these offers I would probably go with Alshon Jeffery/Sony Michel
Alshon Jefferey looked good in his game back and Michel is the workhorse in the New England offense…
But it would be tough letting go of AB…

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Agree that I like Michel for your roster, but Jeffrey is another high floor WR and you already have Sanders and Landry. The upside of Tyreek Hill in the Chiefs offense would be great to pair with those guys from #4, and that’s OK return I guess if you want to sell low on AB.

It’s pretty rare that I’ll consider 1 for 3 trades on principle. If you give up a star you should get close to that value back and that’s not likely in a 1 for 3 trade (e.g. offer 2). Unless you’re 0-4 or 1-3, do you need to take the risk of AB not returning to normal?

If you sell high on AB, you get so much more later.

I’m 2-2 and my RBs as u can c suck bad…I’m getting scared that if Pittsburgh doesn’t become a playoff bound team Ab is jus gonna freak out…guys like Kupp and hill aready out producing him and Boyd has exactly same amount of pts as he…if I get any of those guys brown is replaced in production and then I’m adding another wr or rb which I need I could always move one of these extra wrs again for jus a rb straight up…

I see where you’re coming from. If you think the current levels of production for those players will be the same in the future then go for it.

I need more advice please

I kind of like that Hyde/Kupp/Boyd trade. But you really don’t need both those WRs with your current WRs. Could you package one of your other WRs in, only get Kupp or Boyd back and upgrade Hyde to their best RB (depending on who that would be)? Or Hyde, another RB and one of those two WRs?

He won’t give up his best rb…kamara…he has Breida Lindsay Hyde Crowell and Cohen…his wrs r Julio Tate Edelman Kupp Demaryius and Boyd