Best Option Mid-Rounds Picks

Hey guys,
Wanted to thank everyone for input with keeper help. I ended up keeping…

Hunt 3rd
Mixon 4th
Adams 7th

And was able to trade other value-keepers (Thielen, Ertz, Drake, Marvin Jones) and load up on draft picks.

1 week until my draft and just wondering who you guys like in those middle rounds??
I have picks…

1.07 (Julio or Melvin Gordon)
2.07 (TY / Baldwin / Cooper)
3.07 (Royce Freeman / A Rodgers to stack with Adams? - would be tempting)
4.02 (Ajayi / Marshawn??)
4.06 (K Johnson?)
6.02 (Aaron Jones?)
6.07 (Watkins / Goodwin / mid tier TE - Burton, Rudolph, Reed?)
10.07, 11.07, 14.06 - if not A-Rod then take a late QB, maybe a late TE, Upside picks)

That is just roughly who I think will be available after knowing all the keepers. Draft will depend a lot on who I get with my first pick, RB or WR, and then go from there.

Any input on who to look for in those mid rounds? Not too concerned about ADP as most of my picks are in the first few rounds, I may have to reach for guys that I want on my team.

10 team, standard league. Thanks.

forgot 7.07, 7.08 and 8.01 - Upside guys to target here??