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Best platform for custom league settings?


Hi all,

I’m commish of a league that has become more serious/stable over the last 5 years. This year we voted on some changes that are not available with the ESPN Fantasy platform. I’m looking for a highly-rated, user friendly platform that will allow custom settings. Here are a few changes we’re looking to make this year.

– Playoffs weeks 12-16, 6 teams; (Week 12 quarter-final; Week 13-14 semi-final; Week 15-17 final)
– Week 17 scores determine draft positions in the following season’s draft
– 0.5 PPR for RB/WR/TE but 1.0 PPR for FLEX players

etc. But those are a couple of the changes that I am not able to implement with ESPN Fantasy.

Know a platform where this type of customization can be configured?

Thanks friends!


I’m told MFL is the best for customizable settings BUT not so much for “user friendly” aaand you might have to pay a fee to have a league hosted there. I’ve heard others talk up “Fantrax” as well. It sounds like there isn’t a perfect platform as far as being totally customizable and user friendly.