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Best player available


Hello fantasy teams, i am looking for advice, I’m in a 12 team, ppr keeper league. I’m picking second. Dj, will be taken first and all of the top 5rbs will be kept. So, with brown also kept, do i pick a top wr like Julio Jones, or Beckham , or do i choose a second tier rb? My keeper is bilal powell in the 10th rd. What is the best choice?


Gotta grab that top end WR. No reason to settle for a second or even third tier RB, when you can get one in the second or third round. Keep in mind Martin late in the Draft, and Dixon out for the year give West and Woodhead a boost late in drafts as well. But I am just a humble. single drafter. Hopefully we get a few more responses.


@Stinsation has it right on the money. You honestly answered your own question within it. You said do I pick a top tier wr or a second tier rb. Always take the better of the tiers. Never settle for anything less than elite talent if you can get it. Btw I would take Jones over Beckham to make your selection even more clear.


Thank you, i was leaning towards Jones, however, shady might still be available.


Thank you, i was leaning towards Jones but i was fearing hurting for a decent rb later. It shouldn’t be this hard for a 2nd pick, but that’s the nature of a keeper league.


I’ll be honest, when I started pulling metrics for a reply, I was going to argue for OBJ. They both have similar catch rates, Julio catches more balls, has more yards, but OBJ has more TDs. A lot more TDs.

Here is the outlook for this season though. In a PPR league, OBJ is probably staying where he is on targets, but his Red Zone usage may go down with Marshall in town. That limits the one factor OBJ has over Julio. That plus over the past 3 years Julio has 20 more points, even being outscored last year by 37.

Go Julio.