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Best players to push for playoff time


What are some players everyone should try to trade for that will be playoff winners?

-not talking about players who aren’t realistically available/have to trade an arm and a leg for (Gurley, hunt etc etc)

-talking more along the lines of players who may have not performed up to their level, but have great matchups during that playoff push


I’m also following this, One player I know is Philip Lindsay, Has GREAT GREAT MATCHUPS in playoffs


I was pushing hard for him yesterday, but the owner wasnt biting.

I ended up trading for alex collins. Hes underperformed pretty much all year, but hes just starting to gain traction, and he has a lot of juicy matchups to end the year.


Does he?? I’ve never even looked his way this year other then the first couple of weeks


Yea his matchup are pretty nice