Best Playoff Defenses Discussion

What are the best playoff defenses?!
I think DEN @SF, CLE, @OAK
Also Lions @ARI, @BUF, MIN

I stashed the Broncos D week 9. I also have the bears.
So i am confident the broncos d should do well those weeks

I just snagged Broncos in one of my leagues! Feeling pretty good!
Other league, meh.

Patriots have great matchups in week 14 and 16.

@mattymc29 you think I should Roster the Lions and Broncos I was thinking about getting a 3rd D I secured a first round bye and 1st seed

I tried to get the pats week 9 duded stashed them all year

Thoughts on Pats Defense this week against the Vikes? lol I also own the Vikings defense. Don’t want to drop either for a stream this week so I need to know which defense has the better shot at points

Well since Xavier Rhodes blew up his hammy I would definitely go with Patriots.

Yea, hopefully he will be back for the week 15 Miami game. If they are back on track I might even consider starting Minn in week 16 against the Lions with Stafford only having 1 option in Golladay, I think Rhodes (if healthy) shuts that down

I dont know if you saw ProFootballDoc’s insight but he thinks its the one hamstring injury that requires surgery.

EDIT - Just saw the reports that Zimmer said its a mild injury.

No, I did not! well then, that changes things. Is Minn worth keeping? He’s a big loss in that secondary. I was looking at the wire and see that Seattle is available and have 49ers this week and week 15. I could pair them up with the Pats week 14 Mia and 16 Buf matchups. That’s if I could snag them off waivers.