Best position in the draft?

I’m picking number 4 overall and having my keeper as Kareem the dream Hunt as my 2nd rounder . Now I’m debating on taking a RB like DJ or Alvin Kamara , or a WR Like NUKE or Odell I’m leaning toward more the RB such as Kamara,DJ,Bell,Elliot, due to my scoring to be FULL PPR! Please give me your opinion on if I’m in the right mindset of choosing a RB over a WR

I would likely choose RB. My expectation is that Gurley, Zeke and Bell are off the board first. The 4th is more likely to be a decision between DJ and Kamara. If you are going to pick WR in the 4th spot, for redraft, it’s Brown for me.

I would be thrilled with DJ and Hunt. Equally with Brown and Hunt.


Yeah I agree with the comment above. I like DJ in this format only because DJ is essentially the second wr for the ARZ. I like Kamara a lot, but too many weapons for Brees to distribute the ball. I’d go DJ with the 4th in PPR.

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