Best QB for week 7 bye fill-in

Russell Wilson owner here. Trying to look ahead and pick up a QB for week 7 when he is on bye. I like Russell this week against the Raiders. Here are my options for week 7:

Smith (already own since I benched Russell against Rams, Dallas)
Mayfield (@Tampa Bay)
Flacco (NO)
Eli (@Atl)
Trubisky (NE)
Tannehill (Det)
Allen (@Ind)

Leaning towards Mayfield but Eli is surprisingly enticing as well since it’s Atlanta. Thoughts?

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Any thoughts on who to pick up for week 7? Either Mayfield or Manning probably.

I like Mayfield out of all these options.
Never trust Eli Manning. Should drop Smith and play Russell or Mayfield this week.

Mayfield is top of the list. He has a great slate of matchups coming up starting this week and going for like 5-6 weeks.

@mooner25…LOL…I’m soooo glad you posted this. I have Wilson and Alex as well, and like an idiot I also sat Russell this week against LAR. Not only that I also sat him in week 2, cuz Chi DEF was killing it, and Russel made me a little nervous. But I’ve pretty much learned my lesson on that one.
Kinda like I sat Kupp vs MIN since I figured they would be on the rampage after getting humiliatingly slaughtered by none other than BUF and would already have KUPP on the radar.

So…kinda like the old saying…“fool me once - shame on you…fool me twice, and somebody JUST SHOOT ME!!!” LOL (yeah, I know that’s not how it really goes, but how it goes now in my FFB world!!! LOL)

Anyway…so yeah…giving serious thought to dropping Alex.

Sooo……on that note…Bortles, Trubisky and Mayfield are all available on WW at the moment. Could change after tonight/tomorrow once the WW claims go through, since a couple on my League are gonna be looking QB’s for this BYE week. BUT…out of those 3 who would y’all consider in place of Alex Smith?? (kinda leaning Bortles…but…he may be gone by morning).

As I said above, mayfield is the runaway favorite for me. Great schedule , great QB. Put up decent numers against one of the leagues top defenses and carried his team to a win.

Bortles is trash.

I like mayfield first against a Bucs D that might as week not even take the field and then I say go Eli… flacons have looked just as bad as the Bucs and he should have a pretty decent game against them.