Best QB Late Picks

with the QB ranking episode out, i thought it would be fun to ask the same question that they answered. what is your best late round QB pick? or streaming story.

i have 2. starting with last year, russel wilson fell to the 10th round in my league. so i took him once i figured out that people were going to start looking at another QB. im always the last to pick one for this exact reason… someone has to fall. in this case it was the QB1 that year.

my other is the year before that. i picked up phillip rivers in the 14th or something like that with the plan of streaming all year. and thats exactly what i did. i ended up dropping him a few days later for jamis winston who threw up 4 TDs. i then dropped him for rivers, who threw up 3 or 4 TDs as well. and then i just went through probably every QB that wasnt on a team and ended up with the overall QB2 numbers. it was a lot of fun because i got ridicule for dropping jamis after his week 1, only for someone to pick him up and play him to the tune of 1 TD and 4 picks.

so footclan, what are your stories?

My first year playing fantasy football (2013) I auto-drafted and ended up with Tony Romo. I don’t remember what round but I do remember being disapointed. In Week 5 he racked up 506 yards and FIVE touchdown passes, including an 82 yd pass to Terrance Williams. Rode him all the way to the fantasy playoffs.

I got Wentz, drafted to be my starter, in the 13th round last year. Got Cam in double digit rounds twice (rookie year and MVP year), and picked up Vick off waivers before week 1 the year he exploded in Philly. Unfortunately, none of those ended seasons in titles, but all ended with me in the playoffs and 3 in the title games.