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Best Red Zone Running Backs


I did this for WRs, but it kind turned into a disaster as I sorted the whole sheet wrong. So moving on…

What I am looking at is how good they were once they got the ball Inside the RZ. First impression is questioning my position on GIllibear and holy crap look at Turbin!

Thoughts? Let’s get a debate going to get us through the dark period.


come to the dark side with me! gilly is going to be a beast my friend! imagine if he gets 68 attempts like blount did. with under a fourth the attempts in the 20, he got just under half as many TDs. crazy numbers. not that i think he will score 28 TDs.


With these metrics, he would only need 35 attempts to hit 16 TDs.

Over the past 5 years the Pats have averaged 175 Red Zone plays and about half of those were rushing attempts. That is about 90 attempts. I am starting to think it isn’t so unlikely that he hits at least 35 attempts.