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Best results from Cooper trade?


I drafted AmariCooper in both of my leagues and in one league was able to trade him for Dez bryant 2 weeks ago after his tough matchups. ( also the guy who took him is a huge Alabama fan so it worked in my favor) However in my other league I cant find value for him anywhere and I need a win bad. Has anyone had any luck offloading him?


I just traded for him. Just wait one more week.
He plays the chargers if he can not get it going off them then unload him.


I considered that also. The league I still have him in is my “risky play” league so Im not as invested. Its a shame how Oak looks so far as a whole. I had high(er) expectations.


Cooper is tricky, and honestly I would lean towards keeping him. The value for what you could get just isn’t worth it. the players that are realistic would be players that would be bye week fill ins. You could work a package deal and get an upgrade, what is the rest of your roster?


In this league not so good. My other receivers are Amendola D.Parker And D Thomas.


maybe work a trade for a package deal with him and Amendola for a Chris Hogan. He has been amazing this season, but name value might get it done. worth a shot anyways.