Best rules for collecting dues early

What kind of rules on dues does everyone else have in your leagues? I want to place a requirement for buy-in to be paid prior to drafting or face some sort of penalty within the draft if not paid. Any and all ideas welcome!

I have found the annoyance rule to be pretty effective. Daily texts to the whole group always leads to dues being paid. But that also means I’m “that guy.” haha.

LOL!!! Yes, I totally get that and have been “THAT GUY” as well. League has just been a play for the belt the past few years because I hated having to conduct the annoyance, but now I am thinking I could assign someone to be my official collector and do the annoying. Thanks for your input!

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What I’ve found works best is that after you make the payouts for the year tell them the year is over and revoke the trading rights and such. When someone pays make sure you announce it in the league chat saying “so and so has paid for 2021 and trading right have been enabled”

This has worked really well over the years. My thinking is that 2020 is now over. If you wanna make team moves it’s time to show you’re keeping the team.

Hope this helps!

I also have three orphan dynasties if anybody is interested in joining an awesome group of people.

Orphans Link

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Thanks Spenser!! I like that idea! I’m interested in joining the dynasty league as well.

Heya Alfredo15,

Which league are you interested in joining? I’ll post the three available and let me know. Think I have one gone but i’ll post all three for ya: Let me know as soon as you can. Thanks.

I’d like to take on the team with Dak and join that league!

Sounds Good!

Just so you know another person requested the team but my policy is whomever pays for the team when they are first orphaned will get it.

So it goes like this, once I get your email address I’ll add you to MFL and to Leaguesafe. Once you pay the $106 to Leaguesafe and join MFL and claim and rename the team it’s yours. Up until then it’s up for grabs.

So if you are interested i need your email address. You can PM me if you don’t wanna reply with it. Once I get it i’ll send you all the info to claim the team. If you have any questions please just let me know.

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For all my dynasty leagues I have fees due by Super Bowl Sunday each year. I still send out weekly reminders of who hasn’t paid and always make it known the quicker fees are paid the quicker trading and free agency opens.

Redraft I have fees due 2-4 weeks before the draft to give myself enough time to find an owner if someone doesn’t pay or communicate paying before the draft. I start sending out reminders mid July.

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