Best site for fantasy football data

Hey footclan!

Wondering what’s the best website for fantasy football data? I know about a few of the many sites that are out there like:,,, &

Some cost $, some are free (up to a point), all seem to be slightly different. I’m mostly looking for a site that provides fantasy football stats from previous seasons and I was wondering if anyone had any advice for which one is best and/or which one gives you the most for what you pay for.


There’s a tonne of sites available that I use to run numbers. Depends on what I am looking for. Some ones I use currently are FantasyPros, profootball reference, football outsiders (use this for Defense DVOA and offensive line blocking efficiency), and NFL next Gen (relatively new).

PFF has some of the best / most detailed data but you have to pay for that. Worth it for me personally but might not be for others.

Sweet thanks for the suggestions!

I have the PFF Edge right now, but I think the Elite package is what I want. I need to fit the extra cost for the Elite package in with the family budget somehow so we’ll see LOL. The Elite subscription is soooo much more expensive than Edge, is it worth all that extra $$?

Depends what you want to use it for. I love the advanced stats and metrics they provide so personally it’s worth it for me. But if you’re not interested in that and fine with just relying on whatever articles people put out based on the data, then probably not worth.

I’m trying to create my own projections and rankings for the first time and right now, I’m just using whatever I can get from the PFF Edge, and then also I have a fantasy pros subscription. Between those two plus pro football reference there’s enough to work with, but I figure the more detailed the data I use, (like I would get from PFF Elite?) the better…

Word of advice, creating projections is a bit of a waste of time. I do it here and there more so to just sanity check my own rankings when I think it looks super off. It’s honestly a waste of time for the most part. I just build my own rankings based on situation, feel, tape, talent and opportunity. Reason why projections are kind of useless is because you project for a full season but once you get into the mid/later rounds, not everyone is an every week starter. FOr example for someone like Kenny Stills, you might project him to be a WR3 but making start/sit decisions for him is a nightmare and end of the day, you probably bench him when he blows up and start him when he sucks.

You’re better off spending that time just evaluating talent.

One other resources i love to use in season is

Super helpful to see how players usage / snap counts trend.

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It has been time consuming for sure! I hope it’s not a waste of time, but even if it is it’s been an interesting experience trying it for the first time.

Thanks for the tip on fantasy insiders, I have not checked that one out yet, is it free?

Yeah it’s free.

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