Best Spot to Draft

I have the first choice of draft picks, what’s the best spot to draft from (Snake, redraft)? 1/2PPR, 10-team, 2QB league.

I like the 3-4 spot. You get either Barkley, Elliott, CMC, or Kamara then you are in the OBJ, JuJu range or you can snag a QB on the way back. This question is most def personal preference as you can make a case for every spot I think.

I was in this spot last season and knew I wanted Gurley. It was Bell/Gurley as the top 2 and I decided to go first overall to make sure I got the guy I wanted. Made it to the championship and lost…sadly probably because Gurley didn’t play lol. Plus I like the back-to-back picks.

IMHO I like to be more in the middle of the draft unless there is just a dominate player (that doesn’t get hurt).

This allows you to take advantage of players falling the most from my experience. In 12 man I think 4-8 range. In a 10 man probably 4-6 range with 4 probably being best this year.

Right now I either want 4 or 10/11. There are too many choices in the middle.

Drafting from the 4th spot gives me one of either Zeke/Kamara/CMC/Barkley. And their are great WR at 2.09 (in a twelve team).

10/11 gives me the ability to be flexible and stack two early picks.

I like 4. Grab a beast from one of the top 4 RBs. Then get a great WR in the 2nd.

1 because of Barkley. Theres going to be two types of teams this year, those with Barkley and those without.