Best stack to have in fantasy football

I have Hunt and Mahomes and they have been giving me nearly 50 points every week. It makes me question what kind of stacks to the foot clan have. On of my league mates has OBJ and Barkley, and another has Goff and Cooks. Let me know what are some of the scariest stacks you’ve faced in fantasy football this year.

My two stacks do not compare to those, but i’ve been please with them.

  1. Hunt and Buckner (I know its just a kicker, but man he is really good)
  2. Winston and OJ
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Was up by 60 before Mahomes and Hill played this week. It gave me nightmares after watching that game.

I’d give a shout to my Gurley/Woods and Cousins/Thielen stacks as being pretty good so far