Best TE option ROS, olsen, OJ, Njoku

PPR league:

I own Olsen and plan on playing him this week. OJ howard and Njoku is on the waivers though. Which one you guys think is better ROS.
My league cost $ for each waiver add. So I need to choose one.

Definitely Njoku, his usage has gone up since baker came in, and his matchups the next five weeks are sweet as mamas apple pie.


Njoku is safe with upside, if it weren’t for Brate I’d easily say OJ because of talent and offensive play calling from TB. And I’d prefer both over Olson ROS

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Njoku in any ppr. Olson in standard if your team can handle the injury risk.

Close call. I love OJ Howard. But he does have to worry about Brate vulturing TDs. But Winston also loves using TEs. I think it’s a pretty close call and would just recommend you take your shot.

I personally have Howard in my leagues but wouldn’t fight you with Njoku. I think he’s the top red zone weapon for that offense and with baker at the helm, I think it’s legit.