Best Team in your league that missed the playoffs?

What does it look like?

A guy with the scariest team in the league right now is missing the playoffs, he scored 216 this week.

CMC, Barkley, Chubb at RB. Diggs and JuJu at WR. Finishing 6-6.

The 2nd most well constructed team in my league could miss the playoffs if he loses again next week, he’s on the bubble with a 6-6 record with:

A Rodgers, A Brown, M Thomas, E Sanders, J Gordon, A Jones, Chubb, Kittle

He’s the only guy in my league where when I’m matched up against him I feel that it’s a coin toss between us. Others have boom/bust plays that could take me out, but this guy has almost as much consistency and upside as my roster… almost

Might be me :frowning:
My team is finally reaching its peak.

I scored 204 this week
My starters: Matt ryan, Theilen, Diggs, Fournette, CMC, Chubb, Kittles

im going to be 6-6. DO OR DIE this week.


I’m in a 10 team full ppr, this team is 5-7, has scored the most overall points in the league and is currently in 6th. I’m 9-3 in first and playing him next week. He has to win to make the playoffs, I have to win to clinch #1 seed.

QB Cousins
WR OBJ, Diggs, Davis, Robinson, MWilliams
RB Gordon, Mixon, Mack, Breida, AJones, Carson
TE Olsen, Rudolph


My QB Luck
WR Theilen, Moore, DThomas, MVS, Baldwin, Watkins, Nelson
RB CMC, Kamara, Edwards, Lewis, Crowell
TE Brate

Good times!