Best trade offer for me to send out

So I am going to list my team, and then a number of trade offers I am considering. Giving on left, receiving on right. Let me know which ones you like best, but please don’t pick them if you think they are unfair or unreasonable, trying to make it actually happen.

Qb: Rivers
Rb: Mixon, Howard, Collins, Mccoy, Morris
Wr: Antonio Brown, Hilton, C. Davis, Edelman, J. Brown, C. Ridley
TE: Njoku

Give Ridley and Morris for Ajayi
Collins and Ridley for D. Cook
C. Davis for Ertz or Kelce (guy owns both)
J. Howard and Edelman for McCaffery
Hilton, and J. Brown for Keenan Allen or D. Adams
Edelman for Chris Thompson or James White
Hilton and Corey Davis for Keenan Allen Chris Thompson
Collins and Edelman for B. Cooks and Ronald Jones