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Best trade rules?


Okay so I just made a trade that got vetoed two times in a row. I am most likely the winner of this trade, but it isn’t crazy unfair and is in absolutely no way collusion, so it should not have been vetoed. Now, I am not the commish of my league, but I want to know what your opinions are for how I should go about this. In our league, we need 4 people out of 12 to vote against a trade to veto it. I want to either push it to commish ruling for trades or have it so trades are immediate, but reversed if a certain number of people are against it. What is all of your preferred trade rules, and how should I go about this problem?

By the way, my trade is:
I give AJG, Gronk, and Kamara
I recieve Shady, D Bryant and C Hogan

Thanks guys. Appreciate your opinions.


I have actually left leagues because of crappy trading rules like this. Teams only ever vote in their own interest. If a trade benefits both parties but hurts the people voting, it will get vetoed. and Only 4/12 to veto is ABSOLUTE garbage. I’m angry for you. Those rules are a complete joke. I think members vetoing trades is completely ridiculous in general. You need a commissioner that everyone trusts, and his job is basically just to make sure there is no collusion and to make sure that people aren’t deliberately taking advantage of weaker less informed players. Needing only 1/3 of the league to veto is just offensive. Bad job by the commish for setting those rules


That commish seriously needs to be fired. That is atrocious. This has me all worked up for some reason.


Exactly man, thank you. I’m talking with my commissioner tomorrow to try to get this trade to process, and I’m going to bring up some of the points you made. The commissioner kept the rules the same as yahoo default for trading so I’m going to tell him we need to change it. Thanks for at the very least your sympathy, because this has got me really worked up considering me and the other owner want the trade to go through.


Wow. This trade is not lopsided at all. Pretty fair.
You absolutely should, but approach it nicely and that will help you win him over better. Another idea is to bring it up to others about speaking with the commish who are against the veto/voting. The more people that come to him about it, will be more convincing, because multiple people have a problem with this. (Unless he is one of the guys that voted against.)
All trades should go through unless there is obvious collusion.


Any update on this?


Yup lol. Whole big thing came of this but I am going to be commissioner after this season. Trade did not go through but we are changing trade rules soon I believe. Thanks for the sympathy man.