Best trades for sony michel

Fantasysp has sony almost equal to leveon in value. FF calculator has sony almost half the value of kenny golladay. Rototrade says trading sony straight up for tyreek hill is a bad trade. This guys value is all over the place and id like to sell him, but i dont even know where to start considering the conflicting opinions. I have 3 teams in my league that need an rb. What would i need to acquire any of these players: leveon, godwin, amari, keenan, tyreek, golladay. Players i can package with sony include dj moore, gallup, melvin, john brown, chark. Prefer to keep the latter 3.

Lev Bell: Sony + Gallup
Godwin: Sony + Brown (still not sure it gets done)
Amari: Sony + Moore
Keenan: Hamstring injury and I would avoid
Tyreek: Sony + Brown/Moore
Golloday: Sony + Moore

Also I value Gallup the least out of all your WR so if you can sub any of those WR out for Gallup that’s even more of a win for you. But this is where I Would max out my offer. Giving up Sony + Chark for anyone other than Godwin is too much (and I still don’t think I’d do that if I’m you).

Best of luck.

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This is exactly how i view them to a T lol and i really appreciate the advice, probably going to aim for amari or leveon