Best upside DST Jets or Cowboys?

Looking for best upside here, without a floor that could sink my week. Feel like the Jets will get turnovers against Brock vs the Cowboys who are the safe pick - what’s the view here?

cowboys 4 sure

How you feel about chiefs

Like them but already picked up by my opponent sadly

I think Cowboys have the higher floor, but if I’m streaming I’d rather go with the Jets. I think they have the higher ceiling and Ten is coming off they bye with more time to prep. Jets also have Buffalo next week, so there’s the option to hold them another week.

KC isn’t bad either. Going to get a decent amount of sacks against the browns who surrender the most. And huge favorites.

I think Cowboys have higher ceiling and higher upside. Cowboys also coming off a bye so don’t titans having bye gives them any advantages.

Jets defense has been trash for weeks now. They overperformed the first few weeks. Not to mention they are road underdogs this time.

Thanks guys, on the Jets I know they have Buffalo next week but if that D is still banged up am the only who feels that might be a bit of a trap game? I mean I think the Jets will win but are they putting up and 25+ defensive performance, I don’t know if it’s a shoe in as it has been with other D’s this year. Or is that just me?