Best Waiver target this week?

Sorry if this has already been asked 50 times but who is the best player to target on waivers this week?

Available in my PPR league:

Hollywood Brown, John Brown, John Ross, Gallup, Crowder, McLaurin, Chris Thompson, Malcolm Brown, Gio Bernard


What’s your weakest position on your roster?
For WR, Gallup/Hollywood and McLaurin would be my favs.
For RB, Chris Thompson. Especially with the news of Guice.

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I’m terribly weak at RB, but I’m not a huge fan of those options (except maybe Brown). So I’m trying to target most valuable so I can start reworking my team via trades.

My team: QB - Goff, Winston RB - Montgomery, D. Williams, A. Jones, Coleman, J. White, J. Jackson WR - D. Adams, OBJ, Golladay, Kirk TE- Waller, Ebron DEF - Ravens/maybe stream K -Fairbairn

Malcolm Brown for RB, then Thompson. Both are better than Jackson for the rest of season so drop him.
Gallup for WR clear #1 and then any of those other guys you like best. Drop Jameis.

Yeah Jameis is dropped. I also realized AP is available in our league. Would he be the top RB to target or is Brown and Thompson still the better options?

I think Gallu is top priority. Kellen Moore is letting Dak sling it this year.