Best way to add Superflex

Hey Footclan! My league is voting on whether to move to Superflex and I wanted to know what the best way to administer this add-on would be, please. Should I just change the current flex to use QB as well or should I add another flex with Superflex use? We also eliminated Kickers this season so we have an extra starting lineup spot. Thanks for any help!

What type of league is this? Redraft, Dynasty, Keeper?

Most people when they say Superflex, mean a 2 QB league. You and the league will need to decide if that’s what you want? Each team to start 2 QBs each week or the potential to start 2 QBs.

I personally would do one of two things (in this order):

  1. Add a 2nd QB slot.
  2. Add another flex spot (QB/RB/WR/TE).

Depending on what site your league is in, this will have different effects on views and stats. As an example, I ran a league last year with 2 Superflex positions in ESPN. That meant there was no way to look at QB stats alone when looking at Free Agents. Other sites might differ.

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Thanks! It’s a 12 team re-draft PPR league. I wanted to do superflex since there may not be 24 QB’s playing every week with bye weeks and make it a bit more interesting.

This makes no sense. Why would you add both a superflex and a QB. You cant have a league where you can start 3 QBs. You have 12 players x 3 QB each = 36 QB. There’s only 32 QB starting in the league.

All you need to do is add one superflex spot given you dropping the kicker. Don’t do a 2 QB mandatory league when you have 12 people. Would recommend you add superflex and decrease QB scoring from 6 to 4 (if you haven’t done so already) and make INTs more painful. Usually a 4/2 would do it. That way, it gives some cases where a crappy QB can still be outperformed by a flex.

To clarify, I suggested doing ‘one of two things’. Not both.

For reference, here are the 2018 bye weeks

Week 4: Carolina, Washington
Week 5: Chicago, Tampa Bay
Week 6: Detroit, New Orleans
Week 7: Green Bay, Oakland, Pittsburgh, Seattle
Week 8: Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles Chargers, Tennessee
Week 9: Arizona, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, New York Giants, Philadelphia
Week 10: Baltimore, Denver, Houston, Minnesota
Week 11: Buffalo, Cleveland, Miami, New England, New York Jets, San Francisco
Week 12: Kansas City, Los Angeles Rams

Week 9 and 11 have the most, 6 teams on bye. Leaving 26 starting QBs.

Sweet! Thanks for the info. I still like superflex because it adds strategy to the first few rounds of the draft. Also, QB’s in this league get 6 pts. per TD so 2 QB over inflates their value IMO. I’m going to just add a superflex if the vote passes. It pleases both sides of the aisle and replaces kicker with a much more potent position. Thanks for the input!

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