Best Way to Improve Online Draft

Hi Everyone,

I’m a commissioner for my first online league this year. I’ve done a bunch of local leagues and have been a commissioner there, but haven’t ever really participated in a “good” online draft, other than my slow Dynasty draft I did this year. This footclan league is hosted on ESPN. Should we use just ESPN, use something like Clicky draft or sleeper bot and skype? I’m just trying to get some more involvement in the draft. No one really knows each other, and I figure this is a good way to get it started.

Thanks for the help.

I’d suggest just getting everyone communicating in something like GroupMe or google hangouts or something like that. I started a dynasty startup and we just all started talking in Hangouts a week before the draft and I think it helped to make a slow draft more fun.

I suggest Sleeperbot. I’ve used multiple apps like band app, group me and Facebook and there is always one or two guys not wanting to download app, or everyone’s involvement in chat dies off. Sleeperbot you know. They will get on and you can message everyone individually will notifications with all that as well.