Best way to mock draft - 0.5ppr/2qb

I’m in an 8 team 0.5 ppr league that is moving to having a superflex roster spot this season. When it comes to mock drafting, at least on sleeperbot, the ‘scoring options’ includes options for 0.5 ppr and 2QB seperately, but not together. Given that the option chosen drives the ADP (Rodgers is a 1st rounder in 2qb but 3rd/4th in 0.5 ppr), which is most appropriate to use when mock drafting?

Clearly this mainly matters when drafting against CPU as it affects the auto-picks, but I want to get right in my head whether I should look to be picking my first QB more in line with 2QB ADP (irrespective of the usual factors like tier breaks etc).

I’m in a 12 year running 10 team 2QB league, so I mock like this all the time. I use sleeperbot or and ignore the .5 PPR. However, the fantasy draft wizard from fantasy pros allows you to set up the draft both 2QB and .5 PPR. Downside is that there aren’t any real people in the draft. I believe they are adding a live draft feature soon. It may already be out
Adding a second QB dramatically changes the ADP of everyone, as you mentioned. Because of that, you definitely want to go with the 2QB ADP. Otherwise, it will not give you a good impression of when QBs go, and how that will affect skill position ADP. Just understand that pass catching backs and certain WRs might jump up a little bit in ADP when you really draft.

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