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Best Way to Prevent Tanking (Dynasty)


I think using potential points to determine draft order for the non-playoff teams is super interesting.

However, the biggest reason I want prevent tanking is to ensure the integrity of who makes the playoffs. IMO, the biggest problem with tanking is artificially inflating a tanker’s opponent’s record, which could potentially keep a more deserving team out of the playoffs. I look at it more from a perspective of “how can I ensure the integrity of the set of teams making the playoffs?” instead of “how can I prevent someone from trying to get a higher draft pick next year?”.

Not sure how to solve that problem.


Determining playoffs is almost a completely different topic. However…

In my 16 team league I used div winner (4 div in my league) for first 4 spots. And Seed 5 and 6 are determined by VP (victory points).

Each week, a winning team receives a VP (16 teams, 8 teams get VP for winning) and top 8 scoring teams get a VP. A total of 16 VP are awarded each week.

Let me know if clarification is needed here. Or we can spin up a new thread.


Using PP, there should be no reason for anyone not to set their best lineup. If i had a team doing that poorly id be doing my best to upset some playoff hopeful teams, not give them easy wins. But thats me and i know im not like everyone else.

I also run unique 32 team leagues that mimic the nfl, we determine the playoffs just like the nfl.


For determining draft order, best way around this is to use potential points scored. That way people can just bench their studs to try and throw weeks. Solves it pretty much entirely so try that approach.