Best week 14 defense?

Pats v Mia away
Steelers v Oak away
Lions v Ari away
NYG v Redskins w 3rd string QB
Redskins v NYG at home

Nyg is def a good play cause the Sanchez curse is real. Pit vs oak isn’t bad either.

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Am I crazy for considering Giants above all these options? They have been intercepting the ball like crazy recently and my Lord, they’re playing a freshly reactivated Sanchez this week.
Look at their recent scoring in our format over the past 4 weeks:

GIANTS for sure!! Sanchez is not goooooood :).

I have New England and Jacksonville. I have Jacksonville for next week when they play Washington and the Patriots when they play the Bills in week 16.

My dilemma is I dont know who to start this week. New England did well against Miami the first time and Jacksonville did as well against Tennessee. I feel like I am leaning Jacksonville, but the fact they are going on the road on Thursday might bring them down a notch or two. So of the two(I am not picking up a third) Who should I start?

Talk about a wrench. A guy not in the playoffs just dropped the Broncs D. Have to pick them up, if nothing more a blockade.

Question is, who do i drop?

Brees, Wilson (for week 16 vs KC)
CMC, Elliott, AJones, DCook, Justin Wilson
MT, Hopkins, DJ Moore, Reynolds
Brate, McDonald
Steelers (this week), Viks (weeks 15 & 16)

Drop McDonald.

Over Reynolds? Do you think my reasoning to drop Reynolds over McDonald is improper: an adundance of WR on the waiver at any given moment that can produce with Reynolds. I’m not totally confident in Brate and personally like McDonalds schedule better for weeks 15&16:

15 v Bal
16 v Dal

15 v NE
16 v NO

Basically want the TE that is the higher scoring/more TD opportunities in these matchups.

That’s fair, I just don’t see the point of having two TE given the landscape.

Trust me, I don’t like it. It is a result of not being confident in my TE and wanting two options based on matchup. If i had Ertz or Kelce, or even Kittle or Ebron, I wouldn’t carry two. Brate is on the fringe of not trusting enough to carrying just him IMO.