Best/Worst Trades, Drops and Bad Beats

Hey Everyone!

Now that we’re past the midway point of the season, I wanted to hear everyone’s best and worst of trades, drops, lineup hot takes that won/lost you the week, etc. Do a little boasting and talk about some big regrets. Let’s see em!

Currently on the season, I’ve made 10 trades. They’ve all turned out relatively well for me looking back. Here are those trades:

Hyde -> ARob/Gillislee
Cooper -> McCoy (Sept)
Gillislee/Sanders -> Hilton/Freeman
Parker/Miller -> Hopkins

Williams -> Cooper
Moncrief -> Wentz
Newton -> Ajayi
Zeke/Morris/Pitt DST -> Green, Thielen, Jax DST
Agholor -> Kamara
Collins -> Graham

Some guys I’ve dropped really hurt. Dropped Duke Johnson, Sterling Shepard, Darren Mcfadden, and Evan Engram. Browns were doing bad, OBJ wasn’t out for the season yet, needed space for a usable RB, and after Engram’s 0 dropped him for ASJ.

Andre Ellington’s goose egg, Atlanta’s defense, and putting in Hilton over Agholor in Week 6 gave me the L that week.

Played against the OBJ owner in week 2 and I won that week by less than a point because of OBJ’s final drop against the Lions!

Toot your own horn and get out some bad beats out Footclan!