Best WR - WEEK 10 1/2 PPR

Points per 1st down, long play bonus, 10-team with 4 man bench…

I have Tyrell Williams in and he screwed me last week. Every stupid SIT START tool said play him over Hyde and I lost. I presently have him in and Oakland is hosting LAC on Thursday. Thursday night games typically favor RB’s at home, and based on how Oakland was running at home against Detroit you would think they’d do the same thing again tomorrow night against the ailing Chargers…

Crowder vs. NY Giants

C. Kirk hosting Pass Funnel TAMPA

Zach Pascal vs. Miami

Also, is it legit worth holding AJ Green anymore or should I use that roster spot for someone else?

Do you have an IR spot?
You’ve kept green all year I wouldn’t drop him, he’s likely to play this week. Can try trading him for someone that has a good amount of wrs.

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@plem thanks. No IR spot and no appetite for Green anywhere in the league. I had been trying to shop him around for weeks…

But Tyrell Williams, Jaimeson Crowder, or Christian Kirk for WR2 this week?

I trust arizona more than the jets. Kirk has been getting around 10 targets all but maybe two games and one do those he got hurt.

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@plem thanks, I also forgot about Zach Pascal since Hilton and Paris are out multiple weeks. Dunno how that impacts your assessment. How would you rank these 4 guys?

I picked pascal up for a spot start this week. My wr2 has been crap. Traded Hopkins and John Brown for Chubb and mclaurin. I like my rb depth but no one will trade unless I give up chubb and I don’t want to take that hit.

Kirk-high volume on a team with the most offensive plays ran(I think)
Pascal- has two good games lately and might be the top target with Hilton out.
Crowder-high volume at time but can get 5 catches 40 yards or 6 catches 90
Williams- seems to break a large td every game. Regression will come. Without his tds he’s getting 3 catches and 30 yards a game roughly

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So im in the same debate but have Parker available instead of kirk. I like that Kirk plays a team that just gives up giant numbers to WR but really I cant decide whos a better start between crowder or pascal… Wish i had a better answer for you searching for opinions myself

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@MikeMeUpp and @Gramercy_Riffs wanted your take on this… I am leaning Kirk in what should be a shootout in the desert…

Kirk for me. Should be a shootout.

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I think if I had Kirk available id roll with him against the secondary of tampa

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@dbmville @plem @Wentz1013 thanks guys, I went after Kirk and dodged a monster stinker from Tyrell Williams! Need all the help I can get as I am going against Melvin Gordon and Alvin Kamara…

Glad someone did i got hit with the T bomb in two leagues. Good luck on the rest of the week!

Nice. Good luck

Obviously hindsight is 20/20, but take in and digest every opinion you can and screw the tools. Use the eyeball test. Projections are just addition and averaging. That can be highly skewed one way or the other from inflated weeks, etc.

I’m in a two week skid from not playing Marvin Jones so what do I know, lol