Better Add for last Bench spot

Full PPR, got a couple of trades done this weekend to add Amari, Jones and Engram for depth players mostly on my part.

Full PPR roster now is as below, standard line up regular flex play.

QB - Ryan
RBs - Kamara, Montgomery, Jones, Darwin Thompson, Breida
WRs - Allen, Thielen, Amari Cooper, Allison, Samuels,
TE - Engram
K - Badgley
DST -Cowboys (Stream)

Have one bench spot left and the best available are below, wondering who is best here as I’m fairly deep at RB and WR i can get an upside guy.

QB - Darnold, Brisset, Stafford, Carr
RB - Justin Jackson, Malcom Brown, Jalen Richard, Chris Thompson, Justice Hill, Tony Pollard
WR - Parker, James Washington, Gallup, Goodwin, Tate
TE - Eifert, Graham, Waller, Hockenson,

Either upside or someone as trade bait I’m thinking. @MikeMeUpp you’re always good for strategic answer, been a while too!

If it were me I would take a shot on Tony Pollard especially if Zeke might miss a couple games. Think he would be at least an rb 2 and once Zeke returns than u can just cut him

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Was thinking the same, I’ve had someone sniffing around Bredia so if I move him for something I’ll do it.

If not I’d hold him and try and make the Zeke owner give something up for him if he’s still not there come week 1.

Pollard, then dump when Zeke returns.

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Pollard or Jackson for me. Pollard could be a steal unless Zeke comes back week 1. Jackson could be relevant longer.

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Thanks guys I’ll mull it over, not much love for Justice Hill? You think he just gets lost in the crowd there?

Might be interesting if the Texas move for someone like McCoy and Singletary is out there.

Hey man good to see you too definitely been a while. So my advice to you right now given the season hasn’t started yet is the following:

Go and get Tony Pollard and Justin Jackson immediately. I’d drop the kicker for now and pick it back up later if you need to. Could also just drop the cowboys DST. If someone picks it up, doesn’t really matter cause you can just grab the patriots who has been my favorite DST target. Aside from Steelers in week 1, they face jets x2, bills, and dolphins in first 5 weeks.

Jackson could be a starter and good trade tool. And given we don’t know the situation yet with Zeke, if Zeke holds out even one week, Pollard’s value skyrockets.

If anything, I’d drop Allison to make sure I have Pollard rostered if Zeke doesn’t sign. He’s a plug and play flex.


As usual I agree, rostered Pollard and Jackson. Will definitely use a trade tools, either Zeke or Gordon will hold out for a prolonged period, progress seems to have stalled.

Would love to grab the Pats, it’s like the streaming gods lined their schedule up but another owner had the same idea. But Cowboys will be there and if not there’s a load of other options for week 1.

You think holding Justice Hill is worth doing, for the long term at the moment? I don’t mind dropping Allison but you don’t think he has WR3 or better value in the slot for Rogers?

I was also debating shopping Cooper with the foot injury news but as my third WR at the moment I really love the value/upside there?

It’s not that I don’t think Allison doesn’t have WR3 value. I do but honestly everyone is guessing who is going to be WR2/3 in that group right now and Pollard just offers way more upside. If Zeke even holds out 1 week and pollard balls out vs a super easy schedule in first 3 weeks, you’re going to be able to flip him for way more than you could ever trade Allison for. Not to mention Allison is your 5th best WR and doesn’t even make your starting line up whereas if Pollard gets the start, I’m probably slotting him in ahead of Montgomery.

In those early weeks, roster slots matter a lot so it’s all about trying to hit on high value appreciation assets and low end WR3s just don’t cut it. They’re a dime a dozen.

I agree I love that cowboys D as well cause their opponents are cake. I like Cooper as a WR3. Don’t like him as WR1/2 cause too inconsistent but as a WR3, he won’t lose you a week and he can definitely win you a week by himself. Shopping cooper now is not the best time. EVeryone is keen on injury so you won’t get as much for him. Obviously if you get value then take it but hard to do right now.

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That’s fair can’t argue with that, and honestly you can find WR3 value with upside every week from the waiver wire if you really had to / know how to look for it.

We have a packers die hard so I’ll see if he’ll buy but if not I’ll make the move. I think nervous about the Cooper injury but someone just put Gallup and James Washington on waivers so there are better options out there now.

Thanks as always Mike, sound strategy!

@MikeMeUpp curious to see what you think about Justice Hill vs Justin Jackson in terms of stashing for potential value?

Wouldn’t waste any time with Washington. He has yet to run with the 1st team and if you look at where he has been lining up in preseason, he’s basically the back up the JJSS. I’d rather stash Diontae Johnson who lines up where Moncrief has been aligning. Johnson has a better chance of beating out moncrief than washington does of beating out JJSS for snaps.

Gallup is okay but personally not looking to invest too heavily in Dak’s WR2.

@jaguileraroh as much as I want to get behind justice Hill, I can’t. Is running with 2nd and 3rd team offense all day. And Lamar Jackson is the best runner on that team. WHen you have a run first QB like Jackson, they aren’t always looking for dumpoff passes to their RBs (i.e. Watson, Wilson, etc). Cam is the exception but that’s just how good CMC is more than anything. And contrary to popular belief, I don’t think Ingram is as washed as people suggest. Is he old? Sure. But Saints didn’t use him as a bell cow and I think of RB age in terms of carries / wear and tear on their body, not absolute age. In that situation, I might rather have Justin Jackson cause I know he’s going to be on the field right away. And god forbid Ekeler goes down, you’re looking at 15+ touches a game for jackson. In the early weeks for redraft, I’m looking for guys who can go up in value and in my eyes, Hill just burns a hole on your roster until you eventually have to drop him anyway.

@MikeMeUpp Do you think it would be worth it to drop Curtis Samuel, Christian Kirk, or Sammy Watkins in order to pick up Jackson? My RBs right now are Gurley, Bell, Jacobs, and D Montgomery. A lot of upside with almost no safety net so RB depth is important to me. Also so I can look at trade potentials for higher tier WRs since my two stars right now are Woods and Allen till Green returns.
@James89 Sorry for jumping on your thread, I can move this convo elsewhere if it clutters it too much.

No worries man, no issues with good fantasy chat here!

Personally I would be happy to drop Kirk, Jackson could be solid depth for you or get you more than Kirk in trade value from the Gordon owner or needy RB owner if Gordon is staying away for 8+ weeks which is possible

I’m not dropping curtis samuel. I love Csam. Also really like Kirk in PPR formats. Of the 3, if you had to drop one would be Watkins but feels like you should be able to trade him. You have decent depth at RB with 4 tbh.

I would definitely try and do some 2 for 1 deals to get some upgrades at either receiver or RB. Not a big fan of montgomery personally and given the hype train there, i’d bet you could package Montgomery + Kirk or Watkins to get an upgrade there into a better RB. I.e. like an Aaron Jones or Damien Williams or something along those lines.

Green was on my do not draft list especially for this reason. He’s a roster clogger until into mid season imo. Even once he returns, he won’t be fully healthy and I wouldn’t feel comfortable starting him.

Yeah I grabbed AJ Green in a late round. We have an IR slot so once they mark him as out I can finally move him lol. ESPN should do that right now imo. I’ll look around for trades. It’s 10-team standard league as well.