Better combo - Julio/Williams or Mixon/Hill

12 team ppr Keeper league. My keepers are currently Kerryon Johnson (6th rd) and Patrick Mahomes (10th rd).

Based on the other players being kept and who will be available I’m trying to decide if it’s best to select RB or WR first.

If I go RB my first pick would be Joe Mixon and then a WR in the Tyreek Hill/Antonio Brown range for second pick

If I go WR first i’d pick Julio (or maybe Michael Thomas) but then best RB available for my second pick would be in the Damien Williams/Devonta Freeman range of RBs.

Although I like Julio, I think the drop off from Joe Mixon to Freeman or Williams may be too much for me to pass up selecting him first and being my RB1. Whereas if I pass on Julio, AB or Hill seem perfectly acceptable WR1s.

Thoughts? Agree or disagree?

This is a close one for me. In redraft formats, I love D Will. He will be an elite producer if he stays healthy in that offense. And JJ honestly might lead the NFL in yards again and in a full PPR format, he’ll be a beast especially if his TD trend from last half of 2018 continues. I absolutely love Mixon in dynasty formats (He’s my RB5) and has a good shot of breaking out this season but given offensive line woes, it also might happen next season. In redraft, I’d say I probably still prefer guys like Gordon over him. Don’t think he necessarily warrants a 1st round pick yet.

Personally, I think JJ+Damien Williams is what I would go with here for redraft formats. Other thing to consider is I doubt Hill will be around where AB is. TBH with suspension gone, wouldn’t be shocked at all if Hill went as the WR1 overall.

Given you’re already keeping Kerryon, have you considered trying a zero RB strategy? landing both JJ and Hill would be pretty attractive option as well given you already have KJ as a keeper and there are other great RB options you can snag later like Aaron Jones or Drake.

Thanks for the reply! I know i’ve been going back in forth in my head. The zero rb strategy could be an interesting idea. Pairing Julio and Tyreek would be pretty awesome.

Would you feel comfortable with Kerryon and Drake would be enough as my two starting RBs? and then filling out the bench of course with RBs. Cuz that is a scenario that could definitely play out (Aaron Jones is being kept). I’ve never tried a zero rb strategy but considering i don’t have a shot at any of the top RBs (Mixon, D Williams being the best available), it could be worth it.

Starting lineup could possible look like:

The Mahomes Hill stack makes it extremely interesting. Also, I don’t think Drake would necessarily have to be picked that early although it’s trickier with keepers. He has a current ADP is in the early/mid 5th round. But he’s also not the only one you have to consider. There’s also the rookie RBs who will be coming in. Josh Jacobs would be my target as I personally don’t believe in Montgomery or Sanders at all as prospects. But if you believe in Montgomery for example, you could also easily be looking to grab him in the 4th/5th round ADP range. But then you can also just smash late round upside RBs non-stop which is the staple of a zero RB strategy once you’ve filled out your top WRs/TE. Do you know if Kittle or Ertz are being kept? Because if not, I would highly recommend even snagging up a kittle in the 3rd or 4th round range. So your draft would open as follows:

JJ, Hill, Kittle/Ertz before drafting any RBs. Then you can pick a bunch of the middle tier guys like Drake, Penny/Carson, Henderson (love him in zero RB this year cause of massive upside), Royce Freeman. Then in later rounds, you can target high upside guys like Murray, Breida, Samuels, Barber. You could come out of the draft with a team like:

QB: Mahomes
WR: JJ, Hill + late to mid round guys like Kirk, Mike Will, DJ Moore, etc.
TE: Kittle
RB: Kerryon, Drake, Henderson, Murray, Samuels

Or something along those lines. That’s a team I’d happily take to the bank. And then save your FAAB $ and work waiver wires only RB options given your WR’s are set for the season.