Better Deal?

D Baldwin and C Mcaff for T Hill and R Freeman? which side do you like better and why?

this redraft or dynasty? standard, half point, or PPR? i like the baldwin and CMC side in most leagues. dynasty im leaning tyreek the freak and the rolls royce just for youth. but i would still probably go baldwin and CMC. too much value there, with less questions. will tyreek be the guy, will his offense be good, what about royce and his usage, does he fit so on and so forth.

This, is not even close for me in any format. Redraft, dynasty, doesn’t matter.

CMac is a stud. Baldwin, is a stud.

Hill i love, freeman I like but in the BEST case scenario, he may be like 85% of CMAC. Honestly, I don’t even think I would trade CMac for Hill and Freeman alone.

redraft…5 ppr. I heard on the show about Baldwins ingury and not ever being 100% and the Panthers O Line is busted up so it had me thinking.

In a redraft, I prefer Hill to Baldwin given the injury concerns. However, it is only by a hair. And if the injury insn’t as bad, Baldwin is a lock for WR1 with top 5 upside.

However, I prefer CMac to Royce freeman by a country mile and half. They are so many tiers apart its not even close for me. This trade, is an incredibly lopsided one in favor of whoever is receiving CMAC.

this IS close, in dynasty. you think baldwins gonna play forever? hell no. tyreek is younger, and on a better team for what he is. there are plenty of arguments to be made. but you may have noticed that i still agreed, i would probably go baldwin CMC no matter what. and CMC still hasnt shown that he will be the workhorse. this could all be preseason smoke and mirrors. wouldnt be the first time, wouldnt be the last. its not so locked in like you make it seem.

Given Baldwin’s play style, he will be in his prime for another 1-2 years minimum. Maybe tapers off a bit after that but can easily still be productive like Larry into his mid 30s.

CMC is a stud. I don’t need him to be a workhorse by any means to even be a stud, especially in any ppr scoring formats. You would be jumping in your pants if any of the rookie RBs this year come remotely close to CMCs production from last year. In any PPR formats, he is going to be a monster and he is also, incredibly young. Also, I’m not fully convinced either that CMac will be workhorse role, but the pre-season has me paying attention. The usage he has been seeing is extremely high. Much higher than I would’ve hoped for. He’s also getting the goal line looks which is pretty huge. The gap between him and freeman honestly isn’t even remotely close in any format.

Personally I think it is an absolute lock. You are definitely entitled to your own opinion, but this just isn’t close for me. I like Hill, I do, but for the next 2-3 years, as of right now, I’d rather play Baldwin. Now if the injury situation becomes serious, that changes for me and frankly, is the only reason why I prefer hill slightly to Baldwin anyways in the current state. But when Healthy, I prefer Baldwin to Hill by a mile.

I don’t try to plan or put too much weight on players for more than 2 years in fantasy cause I think that’s a fools errand. Things change way to quickly.