Better Defense

Bills this week or Buccaneers??

If bills can shut down the patriots they can shut down the titans and Henry. I’m leaning bills both solid plus though

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I agree, I was thinking to cute lol

I’ve got BUF as well and def gonna play them. How can you not??? LOL…BUT…ok…now gonna pose a question to y’all…BUF is on BYE next week. Who y’all looking at???

This is why I brought up Tampa, their getting hot if they keep it up

What does everyone think of SF DST? I have vikes strongly thinking about dropping for SF. SF is 4 right now and vikes are 9. Why so low on SF?

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I actually went in an grabbed SF to play next week when Buf is on BYE this morning. Now i’ve seen a lot of sites that are showing SF to possibly end up as # 2 DST by end of season.