Better draft - Me or My Wife?

Standard 10 team league. 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 RB/WR, 1 K, 1 DST, 6 Bench spots. Rosters are listed in DRAFT order, rounds 1-15. I’ve purposely named them Team A and Team B so they can be judged without bias.

Team A (5th Draft Slot)
Ezekiel Elliot
Davante Adams
Adam Thielin
Alex Collins
Larry Fitzgerald
Sony Michel
Allen Robinson
Dion Lewis
Matthew Stanford
Trey Burton
Saints DST
Matt Bryant
Tevin Coleman
Ty Montgomery
Kenny Stills

Team B (6th Draft Slot)
Antonio Brown
Dalvin Cook
Jerick McKinnon
Marvin Jones Jr
Marshawn Lynch
Rashaad Penny
Josh Gordon
Pierre Garcon
Stephen Gostkowski
Andrew Luck
Texans DST
Kyle Rudolph
Robert Woods
Marlon Mack

Team A for me… I’d much rather have the Adams/Thielen WR combo and WRs on B are pretty spotty in general.

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Team A - 1
Team B - 0

Probably Team A.

I hope your wife is team B lol because I vote team A as well.

Team Wife - 3
Team Sad, Sad Husband - 0

It’s okay. Crap WRs took me to the title game last year. I mean… I lost. But still. My wife actually has more fantasy championships than I do. At least one of us has a chance to display the trophy at home.

A for me as well

AB is pretty good

team A for me

team A for me

Team A, the ceiling of some of Team B’s players is huge, but risky

Yeah I went with high ceiling rather than low risk. We’ll see if it ranks.

Team A by a significant amount.

Team A got so much value. Zeke at 5, ARob in the 7th is…criminal, Coleman in the 12th is great value.

Team B got a couple good pulls too with AB as 6th pick and Flash in the 7th (assuming he plays).

Both teams get major deductions for taking kicker and DST wayyyyyy to early.

really like A, but think B has higher upside

Team A. I liked B for the first 3 picks. I’m guessing WR got thin as Mj jr. Is a reach in round 4. I like him and he helped me to a #footclantitle, but like him a bit later. Same with Marshawn.

The DST/Kicker thing is a total league quirk. Our league has weird runs. As soon as one goes, a lot go. I took Gostkowski because I was at a loss for where to go that round and said screw it.

Team A for me also - Sorry man.

I like B due to just straight upside. I also like the Cook, Lynch combo as well and if McKinnon is health you have 3 nice RB. plus you have the shot with Gordon as well. Plus I buy into Luck being the dominant Luck. I honestly think they are pretty even. I don’t buy into Michel at all.

Let others do the DST/kicker run and you can capitalize and take high risk high reward dart throws on RB/WRs. Don’t follow the herd :slight_smile:

Team A and its not close