Better Draft Position - 2.02 or 2.08/2.11

Hey footclan! Half PPR dynasty

If you had a need at TE (and maybe QB), would you rather have the two late seconds or just keep the 2.02 and go best available player (probably WR)? Or regardless of need, would you rather have the two picks?

2.08 & 2.11

My TEs: OJ Howard, Brate, Everett
My QB: Mariota, Ryan, and Mahomes

That’s a trade where I wait and see what is around by then. Drafts always have their surprises and at 2.02 I have gotten players like kirk and sutton. If the draft goes more like it should then trading back becomes pretty easy

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Unless this is a 2 QB/Superflex, I think you’re fine at QB. I also don’t see TE as a massive need. I’d take BPA. I also agree with Buster. See what could be there at the earlier pick, though if you don’t see anything you like other might not either.

@DFWB @BusterD based on what I’m seeing, it looks like either Kirk, Washington, Miller, Sutton or Gallup should be there. My opinion is all of those guys are worth grabbing at 2.02. do you guys agree? How would you rank those guys? Of course if one of the top 8 RBs fall, that’s a no brainier pick!

I’m also assuming that the QBs and Gesicki all rank below the players I mentioned above.

I do. My ranks would be Kirk, Miller, Gallup, Washington, Sutton. I might take my favorite QB before Sutton. I’m not a fan.

Not gonna lie… I love those WRs, but I’m tempted to go after Josh Rosen. I’m not sure why, but I’m a believer in his potential. I may be crazy to pick him over any of those WRs, but it’s tempting…

@DFWB @BusterD

I’d take him over Sutton, but wouldn’t even consider him over any of the others.

i would for sure take kirk and sutton before rosen. the other 2 im fine with taking him over them. but if they both get taken before the 2.02, trading back and getting rosen might work really well. but if you dont want to take the risk of losing your guy you can always just take rosen there. its not crazy to go after your guys. some people would say thats too early, i say who gives a shit. no one will care by seasons start, especially if rosen pans out really well.

You have Mahomes already, you don’t need Rosen. Both guys are young with huge potential (Mahomes has much better weapons and a better coach). Neither guy will start for you right away because Rosen will sit behind Bradford and Mahomes has a tough schedule. So, regardless, you’d start Mariota/Ryan for the first few weeks; then, Mahomes or Rosen after. The difference is, you already have Mahomes.

Plus your TEs are fine! All three are stream worthy. Take the BAP all day