Better Flex Option - Keke or TB WR?

Standard scoring - would you flex Keke vs Buffalo or grab either Djax or Godwin from free agency and flex them against ATL?

I’d have to drop either Mike Williams or Coleman both of which have tough situations and schedules coming up. Feel like i’d like to have a piece in the ATL vs TB game but they would be a rental for the week

KeKe is doing pretty good but I would watch for the news on Watson. He got pretty banged up and is dealing with some issues. Might not be good for KeKe. Just a thought. Might wanna go for the TB matchup if Watson shows signs of limitations

That’s a good point, I’ll keep an eye out and might roster one of those TB guys to beat the rush. I think Mike Williams would be the drop, I love the talent but I don’t know when to trust him to actually play him based on the targets and numerous mouths to feed