Better for the Flexx

Full PPR

In the Flex if players are pretty equal better to go RB or WR ?

I don’t think there’s an easy answer to this. But for me normally If it’s ppr it’s likely a wr you want to start as unless you’re loaded at rb as you’re looking at a 10ppr point rb and being thrilled and 10 ppr point wr are sitting on waivers all the time.

I normally end up going wr as its ppr I play but it really depends on the situation and team. If you drafted or traded to get three top 15 rb you’re finding a way to get them in the lineup.


Ya I’d have to agree with Bird on this one. I’m battling a similar decision this week with Kupp, Jefferson, or Mostert. I almost always lean WR at flex for the same reasons Bird laid out.

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