Better handcuuffs? Brieda, McGuire, CJ or Justin Jackson?

Dynasty PPR League:
I have CJ Anderson, Brieda, Elijah McGuire and Justin Jackson in my league and I’m looking at trading them to owners of Bell/McKinnon or Gordon/Kerryon for picks as I need WR depth and a backup TE. Which pair would you rather keep? Coleman dents Brieda’s value but I feel like these guys all have some value as their running mates demonstrate being prone to injury. Gurley, Cook, Conner and Duke are my other viable RB’s. I’d only be looking for late 2nd to 3rd round picks.

I’d offer to the Bell/McKinnon owner. There’s a question mark on both of them staying healthy this year and I think SF is about to be a full on revolving door for RB. I wouldn’t want any of them on my team.

@Never_Go_Full_PPR if we are discussing handcuffs, I think given Brieda’s positive production in the offense last season makes him a clear choice. I know they spent on Coleman, but I think Brieda will still get a fair chance at work. In the case of injury, Brieda has the highest ceiling in a RB friendly offense.