Better Long Term Asset, Winston or Trubisky

I’m in a startup of a SF, 4 pt passing td Dynasty, 12 team, and round 7 I am looking at either Winston with 7.6, or likely Trubisky at the next round, 8.7. Which do you think is the better long term asset? I have Evvans and Arob, so I would be stacking either way, and my other QB is Stafford

In a Superflex Dynasty League I would want no less than 3 QBs on my roster. Pretty surprised that they are both available in the 7th round.

My answer is both. Unless there are other ‘good’ QBs available.

Best options right now are Winston, Dak, Trubisky, Ryan, all the incoming Rookies, Carr. Leaning for more youth since Stafford is my first

I wouldn’t worry about youth that much. QB’s can play much later into their 30’s than other positions.

Matt Ryan would be my next pick, hands down. Then I would take your favorite from the remainder. Maybe even 2 of them.

I play Dynasty with a 2-3 year window. If a player can give me 2-3 years, then they are on the table. I also realize that team’s turn over. Picking Trubisky now doesn’t mean you are guaranteed to have him in 7, 4, 2, even 1 year from now.

Play to win my friend!

I agree with the above opinions and would add that Trubisky may have more upside but Winston will most likely be more consistent. I’m targeting both in my superflex. I don’t think you’re wrong either way. Trubisky will have a shorter hook/replacement if he doesn’t break out this year.