Better option play the Jets or play the Steelers 3rd string QB?

Ive got the Bears D on a bye so I have the Cowboys and the Chargers as options for week 6. Jets have a sus O, but the Boys haven’t done much DST wise. The Chargers could be facing Pitts’s backup, backup QB but Pitt seems to have a more stable O unit than the Jets.?

What do you think?

Any thoughts? I’m leaning Chargers D, both are weak against the run so LA should win on that but the Jets O is so bad the. Boys could be the play.? I’m pretty much set on playing LAC but would appreciate any insight.

I’d probably play the Chargers. 3rd string QB across the country in an away game is tasty

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I would stick with chargers D vs Steelers, At home they will focus all their efforts on stopping connor. You should be good with them

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