Better pick this Week

Better D this week ?

49ers at Eagles
Browns vs Houston
Packers vs Lions

Cleveland for sure. If I didn’t have Pittsburgh, that is who I would target.


I am starting nthe browns in my league. Eagles and Detroit will probably blose, but still have the potential to explode for a lot of points.

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Yeah was thinking Browns or Packers .

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I see CLE as a clear top choice.


I typically don’t recommend starting a fantasy defense against a scoring machine like the Texans (4th-highest scoring team in Week 1), so the Packers facing the Lions is probly the way to go.

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Wasn’t New Orleans #2 this week, against the Packers. I typically don’t recommend starting a fantasy defense that gave up 38 points in week 1. Now they play the Lions who put up 33 against San Francisco. Also, Las Vegas was #1 in yards this past week and put up 33 against Baltimore, so no Pittsburgh this week?

Go watch that Houston game again, they did not look good and Jacksonville gave them everything. Then go watch Cleveland again against KC, they were up in Mahomes’ grill. Cleveland is the right play.

The Lions put up 10 against San Francisco, and then San Francisco allowed them some garbage time scores.

Thanks everyone

Agreed, but the entire game between Houston and Jacksonville was garbage time.

Packers for me. As always I’m chasing the team the has opposition most likely to give up sacks, fumbles and interceptions.

For me Cleveland is a good pick, but my worry is that the volume of rushing on both teams will burn clock to limit my chances of getting the defensive points I want.

They’re all DST I would be happy to go in with but my preference is Packers then Browns then 49ers

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Tyrod don’t turn the ball over and is mobile enough to avoid sacks. Where are the Def pts going to come from short of a shut out?

I dropped SF and picked up Browns and ok with it .

Look at tonight. WASH D not getting alot of fantasy points tonight and one of the top ranked this week

So far lol.