Better pick up Ridley or Mike Williams

Thoughts on who is better next week and ROS between these two?

Williams next week, Ridley rest of season.
But that’s a tough call…

My thinking as well. I’ve got Edelman and Baldwin waiting to play and Green as my WR1. I’ve got Davis and Hogan who haven’t planned out yet and thinking swap Hogan for one of them and I can’t see Ridley being there after this weeks display so it may have to be him.

I worry on the consistency for both though if I had to rely on one of Baldwin is out for longer and if Edelman doesn’t do the job.

Grab Ridley, the kid is super talented and with Julio pulling all the top corners, he will be great. Runs amazing routes.
Same could be said for Williams with Keenan Allen, but he has an injury history and an RB who commands a lot of touches per game.

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Like the take and the talent, final query on Ridley do you see any drop of or rather more increased volatility when Freeman is back in? Although Freeman himself can be quite volatile

I don’t want to paint the picture that I am an Atlanta Falcons guru because I certainly am not haha…
I think he maintains value with Freeman back.
The Ridley explosion this past week I think was only a matter time coming as he learns the play book and Matt Ryan becomes more comfortable with him combined with Julio drawing the best coverage and Ridley getting himself open often. The high octane game script obviously helped too.
Being a Julio owner I am personally a little bit concerned about what having a guy like Ridley opposite Julio will do to Julio’s target share over time…hopefully it will make teams not shadow Julio as much, but I guess only time will tell…

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I will counter my own take though that if Williams can stay healthy and he continues to get 6+ targets a game and he turns into Rivers’ red zone safety blanket (a la Antonio Gates)…he could become the best pass catching fantasy option on the team, even better than Allen. He was a top 10 pick in the draft after all, so he’s obviously a top tier talent as well. So you probably couldn’t go wrong in grabbing Williams for the play next week and keeping him going forward…

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