Better Pickup Before Week 1

Jordan Wilkins or James Conner?

Conner. This close to the season there’s no way I see them playing lev bell even if he is back.


I’ll second this (assuming you just need to plug someone in to play week 1). Even if Bell comes back this week I would expect Conner to take the bulk of the looks… If you’re looking for someone to take a flier on for the rest of the season I’d go Wilkins

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I guess it depends. Right now my starting RBs are Melvin Gordon and Royce Freeman.

Should I pick up Conner and start him over Freeman or stick with Freeman to stash Wilkins?
I have Jamaal Williams, Tarik Cohen and Aaron Jones on my bench. Full PPR

PIck up Conner and drop your starting kicker. If Bell doesn’t show up by Wed you can decide if you want to drop someone to replace him. You can pick up a kicker before Sun if bell shows up


This guy. Don’t know why I didn’t think of that.


I would keep freeman and get wilkins if u can

It’s what I did, I have good RBs but I wanted Conner so I drop my kicker, last pick anyways

It’s definitely a wait and see situation so I think that is the best option.

Thanks folks