Better RB, ROS - Murray, McCaffrey, Thompson, Gillislee

I lost Montgomery last night, but the guy who is most stacked with RBs lost Adams…and his other WRs are no bueno.

I’ve got OBJ, Fitz, DeVante Parker, TY, and JJ Nelson to wheel and deal for one of his RBs. I REALLY like Demarco, but I don’t trust he’s going to be the starter for the ROS. The guy I’m trading with is a Panthers homer, so I’d have to give up a lot probably to get McCaffrey. If I could trust that Washington would be smart and play Christ Thompson the same way the rest of the season, I’d jump at him. And then you’ve got the NE RB backfield which I usually shy away from.


I consider Lynch a buy low option. To me he passes the eyeball test and is running hard. I can’t imagine he won’t be getting more involved in the passing game like he was in Buffalo and Seattle, but it may depend on the whole offense clicking better. Would the Lynch owner be willing to trade him?

Not likely…he only has Dalvin Cook and Smallwood as his other RB options.

I think you can buy low on Demarco. From what we saw last week, as long as he’s healthy, he’ll be the clear starter. IMO I would offer TY for Demarco straight up. TY’s value moving forward is a major concern. They’re saying now that Andrew Luck might come back in November. At this point, if the Colts have a losing season he might not even come back at all. And even if he does come back, we don’t know if he’ll be 100% or not. So why not trade TY now while his value is up after that big performance against Cleveland.

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