Better RB to own?

Who would you rather have? Miles Sanders or Javonte Williams? PPR

Eagles are saying that Sanders needs the ball more and their schedule looks good.

Williams might be a stud come fantasy playoff time but timeshare with Gordon is annoying.

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If you have other solid RBs I’d probably say Williams because chance he takes over by end and is league winner is pretty good while Sanders (I’m Eagles fan) just does not get good volume and Eagles will most likely be playing catch-up a lot more.

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Javonte for me. He’s got a role and it may expand but Sanders seems locked in purgatory where he has a role but it means little as his team and qb just won’t use him

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I want to say Williams but I’m going to lean Sanders. I think his role is more solid, even though lower volume ATM.

PHI has a strong run game through Hurts but I think they are going to want to see him QB a bit more. Sanders numbers are looking strong for usage in the run / pass game but as noted they are not using the RB spot much. I think that might change. They are realizing if they want to do anything Sanders is their best weapon and (like you note) the schedule is not too scary. I’m expecting better usage for him.

I think Williams will “take over” but I am not sure it means Gordon goes away. Frankly Gordon is looking good enough it does not make sense to just can him this year. It’s likely smartest to have the two of them split the entire year to let Williams get to NFL speed and then unleash him next year. I believe the hot DEN start was due to schedule and that shine might fade, which should put them in not as good position for the post-season. IF that works out, they are seeing enough of him regularly that they do not need to give him the full treatment. I think they know what they have, but are not wanting to burn him on a potentially wasted season.

Obviously I do not know what will happen, but that is what I think. I hope some of it helps.

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I’m piggybacking here, but miles sanders or Elijah Missle? The sanders owner just offered me a 1-for-1. I lean keeping Elijah but I want some other opinions

Id keep Eli over Sanders for sure. Much better run scheme even in a share with Jeff Wilson when he comes back. The eagles have not looked great and just refuse to use Sanders

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