Better ROS deebo or Keenan allen

Hey all,
I have 5 solid receivers in adams, Deebo, Keenan Allen , dionte Johnson and devonte smith plus I have Patterson. I’m thinking of trading Patterson and a receiver for a solid running back like cmc or dalvin cooks. So my question is who is better rest of season allen or deebo. Deebo has been great but I’m nervous that his production will go down due to kittle returning and lance possibly taking over. What do you think. Thanks

Deebo if he stays healthy.

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I think they are two great options, but Deebo is the most volatile and he will probably get the most in trade.

Would you do a deebo and Patterson trade for cmc or cook?

Might be a little much for cmc with the injury risk on his return but yeah with that depth id probably go for that with cook.

As @Frankee13 said, both are great options.

Deebo definitely has the higher ceiling, but Allen has the safer floor.

You can really go either way with this. However, for the RB you are looking for, Deebo will have the better shot at landing you an elite RB1.

Also, you will most likely need to add a RB2/WR2 with Deebo for CMC or Cook. Just be prepared, if Deebo isn’t enough alone.

I’m thinking of packaging deebo with Patterson ( my other running backs are saquan, Montgomery, zack moss, Mitchell, booker and javonte Williams) for cook or cmc but I’m leaning more towards cook. Is this asking for too much or is it fair. Also is it too risky since cook hasn’t been great. Thanks

I always ask myself “If I was the other team, would I take that?”. If I had Cook in that scenario, I would not do it. So, yes, give it a try but Cook is probably top 5 ROS.

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